Finally got photos from last trip developed so… Please allow me to show you some more pics!

I want an android phone 🤷🏻‍♂️

Apple Music works better on Windows than it works on Mac.

Windows might make me more open to giving Android another try, but there’s no comparable alternative to the Apple Watch on Android, which is a downside (especially since I’m now actively engaged in sports and rely on these fitness tracking features).

Windows on my PC is working great. I love that I am able to play games in my spare time, but what I love the most is that I’ve got LOTS and LOTS of CPU and RAM to use. I can open every single thing I want to have opened, and there are literally zero issues. In terms of a mental shift, I believe that Windows/PC is definitely going to be THE OS to use on the desktop, but there is no way I might use a Windows laptop. Therefore, I think that Windows-desktop-PC and Mac-laptop-mobile is the way to go for me now.

Since becoming a Windows user I’m trying to move from Apple-only apps to cross-platform and it’s actually going pretty well? The only thing I’m seriously missing is Things but Microsoft Todo (especially being free!) is actually a pretty good alternative to Things.

If your device doesn’t have usb-c port for charging I don’t want it

He ended his talk with a slide showing a huge QR code, which got a laugh.

“Anybody holding up a camera?” Joyce asked. “Who’s gonna [photograph] the QR code from the NSA guy?”

Bought some colorful binders for MTG cards and seems like I’ve got a nice backdrop for photos now? These are not great obviously but it’s a good start and with some magic called postproduction they might look good!

ADHD Traits May Have Evolved to Provide Foraging Advantages, Study Says : ScienceAlert

This is what I’m gonna tell myself everyday to feel better oh look squirrel!

Pretty sure that’s not a dog but it’s all god YouTube, liked it anyways.

That’s just my first day on Windows PC BUT… it works fine? I guess there’s not much that annoyed me or drastically changed the way I think/work? It definitely feels weird to work on something that makes noise (quiet one, but noise nonetheless). Also feels weird to do everything I did on Mac and then see that I’m using only 25% of CPU and 30% of RAM. My RAM usage currently is higher than my Mac had RAM available. Overall, after one day - I’m glad I pulled the trigger.

My 2023 in songs. I have to admit I didn’t know that I’m listening to so much hip-hop.

Thought about doing Pawel.69 but it’s gonna be easier at work if I’m not gonna have the ~sex number~ in my username.

Signal » Blog » Keep your phone number private with Signal usernames

Huh their take is actually very, very good. Usernames just as a way to contact someone without phone number and you can change your username and then nobody can link it to your phone number? Brilliant.

Yay! Signal (beta) added usernames! Finally.

Is there a #Beluga alternative? I like how it works (and how it’s designed) but it’s only one man thing and I’m not 100% sure it’s here to stay. (Also the app is so-so without support for proper desktop, etc)

It’s going to be refreshing to use a device without a battery. Counting days till it’s here! Wednesday can’t come soon enough.

Because new PC is coming on Wednesday, today is a day I’m gonna move shit around in the office to make space for it. This also means that one of the consoles (probably Xbox) is making its way back to the living room. PS5 and PC will be in the office while Nintendo Switch with Xbox will be in the living room. Pretty fire setup I think. I’m gonna play more PS5 games I think (and if I want to play Xbox games they might be available on PC) so it makes sense to leave it in the office where I can’t bother wife with occupying a TV.

The Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has died in jail, the country’s prison service has said, in what is likely to be seen as a political assassination attributable to Vladimir Putin.Source: Russian activist and Putin critic Alexei Navalny dies in prison | Alexei Navalny | The Guardian

I’m not saying it wasn’t expected but it was unexpected.

Remember when I said I’m gonna buy this PC in a week? It’s gonna be here next Wednesday. 😅

I will be able to play games! This is going to be crazy. Also with 64GB of ram I might be able to have SEVEN tabs in Chrome!

Next two weeks might be crazy so I’m gonna order a PC in about a week so it will come after all that craziness. I’m actually really interested in how it is gonna go. I’m ordering a proper PC (without getting rid of my MacBook Air) because to get a Mac that allows me to play games I’d have to spend two times more than I’m gonna pay for this PC. And honestly - there’s literally no way in hell I’m gonna pay for a computer $2-3k. It’s just not right to pay this amount of money for it.

And this PC I’m gonna get will have like 2TB of SSD, 64GB of RAM and some top-of-the-line CPU and GPU. In an Apple ecosystem that would be insane amount of money.

It is also interesting that 10-15 years ago when I was using Windows there were apps for everything and nowadays it looks more like a desert. On other hand though - everything is a website these days, so I’m not sure if that’s even an issue?