If I ever have to ditch Arc, I’ll move to Brave because it’s the only browser that works exactly as I expect. Chrome isn’t it, Firefox doesn’t always work (and the iOS app is really bad), and Vivaldi is just too much to make it like Brave or Chrome. This is where I’m at. Also, I’m using Chrome exclusively for work stuff, and there are literally no issues (apart from it sending all my data to Google instead of keeping it private).

Homescreen, 07/2024.

The only thing that is really missing from CMF Phone 1 is NFC. Other than that - I could manage. This price is unbeatable.

Just make it available and I’m gonna get one. For science, of course.

Hey Apple Computers please update iPad mini cause I want it, thanks.

Because of how time and plans work I might be able to do something with that social.ovh domain in about two weeks but I already can’t wait!

social.ovh was free so I bought it

Thinking about spinning up another Mastodon instance (just cause I like it!) and bought a great domain for it - atweb.blog. I mean - it definitely FEELS cool.

If you’re a media outlet and you’re not hosting your own social media instance (whatever it could be - Mastodon, Pixelfed, anything that federates) you’re doing it wrong. I personally refuse to use content services hosted by 3rd party (or for free) because I don’t want them to mess with my content. Even though most of my content is me whining about internets.

I would use Google Gemini Pro more if they had a proper iOS app.

The design of our next apartment isn’t about being meticulously planned, but I can share a playlist with you that will perfectly capture the atmosphere we want. Each song will embody the exact vibe of our future home.

People who drink Caffeine-Free, Diet Coke: Why? What are you getting out of it at that point?

I just like the taste and it’s not making me unable to sleep at night. Also cola with sugar tastes bad.

Turned off the percentage thingy and I’ve never been happier

I have some BTC that I wanted to transfer from one wallet to another… show me the person who said this is the future of money that takes 5 HOURS to transfer between accounts.

There are days when I hate that I picked up iPhone 14 Plus instead of regular one but whenever I’m watching something or trying to squeeze as much as I can from it’s battery I’m always happy that I did. This screen is amazing, keyboard feels great and battery life is fantastic.

But next one will be smaller. 🫣

Every now and then it comes back to me how amazing Mastodon and all of the other open platforms are. You can literally spin up a server on your own PC and host YOUR OWN STUFF for everyone. And if you can’t - there are thousands of servers hosted by people like me who just love doing it. 2003 vibes.

Apple Music works better on Windows than it works on my Mac. I’m wondering why - is it because I’ve got 4x RAM on Windows? Better CPU? Whatever it is I hope some day Apple Music on Mac will look and work as fast as Spotify does.

I want my blog to have an app because I’ve grown accustomed to quickly sending tweets in the last decade. Currently, I have CMD+CTRL+OPTION+T set as a shortcut to open Mars Edit’s new microblog window.

Whatever comes has to be as good as this is.

🎶 Or when you find a band that is very good and then you get a notification about their show happening in a couple months in your city. The best. Royel Otis, here we come!

🎉 Things that will take about ~~a year are being set in motion today and I can’t wait! Sorry for being secretive but I don’t want to spoil them too fast!

Hello and welcome to “What’s in your dock!”.

Today’s dock:

I’ve got no Facebook, Instagram, now TikTok is out. What I’m gonna do when I pick my phone up out of habit? RSS? Getting old.

Deleted TikTok off my phone (again). This shit is soooo addictive.

Twitter made me more of a microblogger than blogger and it shows.

This time I’m gonna catch them all.