O, this is VERY interesting.

Daylight Computer: https://daylightcomputer.com/

25th of May. The day we turned on the AC.

Took me two whole days to get my home setup up and running again. It works now!

Fucking hell, this is some kind of different shit, I have to set up everything from scratch because TWO of my backups aren’t really working. What a pain in the ass. I’m actually ditching most of the HA goodies and going back into Home.app for whatever I can. Just because it worked BETTER. It was slower - yes, but it wasn’t dying out of the blue.

Why I’ve connected new HDD to dietpi setup? Because of magic my setup just blew up, I’ve got backups, but it’s 1:30 AM and I can’t turn my lights off. Holy fuck this is my smart home nightmare.

I think I might enjoy using iPad Pro as my mobile computing device of choice but there’s no way in hell I’m buying that with my own money.

Bought myself next HDD for my Plex library. +2 TB it is.

Autistic part of me loves that I’ve bought exactly the same t-shirts. Nine of them to be exact.

Holy fuck, Microsoft Edge added live opened tabs sync and it works SO FUCKING FAST. Thanks, I’m moving to Edge immediately on my Mac and PC.

Without a story behind them I’ll try and list all of the phones I had.

  1. Siemiens C25
  2. Nokia 3310
  3. Nokia 5510
  4. Motorola C650
  5. Sony Ericsson K750
  6. Sony Ericsson P1i
  7. Moto V3
  8. HTC Dream
  9. iPhone (the OG one)
  10. Xperia Neo V
  11. HTC Desire HD
  12. iPhone 4
  13. HTC One (M7)
  14. iPhone 5
  15. iPhone 6
  16. iPhone 6s
  17. iPhone 7 Plus
  18. Google Pixel (OG)
  19. iPhone X
  20. iPhone 11 Pro
  21. iPhone 14 Plus

Crazy run.

I mean… this is one way of starting your weekend I guess?

Cola Zero Zero (without sugar and caffeine) is the best Cola and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Jonathan from Australian Survivor is better Jeff than Jeff is. I said what I said.

I don’t care about updated iPads as long as they didn’t update the mini. Justice for iPad mini, please update it to the M1 or whatever.

Dear diary, today my Sonos just blew up and I had to reconnect everything. Apart from that Aqara cameras were disappearing every couple minutes from home app but I did unfuck that as well. Today was a good day.

I know what I said about having Arc on Windows but it’s also the buggiest and slowest browser I’ve ever used.

I adore it when my Aqara camera randomly disconnects from HomeKit, forcing me to re-bind it to the system. It’s moments like these that truly make me appreciate the dependability of these cameras. Fucking hell…

Bought myself an app called Tusks that basically makes writing threads/longposts on Mastodon really easy. If you’re into that - highly recommended.

I’m currently in micro.blog-first scenario but I see myself leaving everything and moving to my own Mastodon server, so having Tusks available is great.

After getting Arc Sync on Windows (with all the cool stuff like extensions and favorites), I’m totally hooked on Arc. It’s smooth sailing on my Mac and iOS, and not too shabby on Windows either.

No other browser syncs tabs, and as someone who switches between Mac and Windows, I need that to keep my sanity intact. I use my MacBook Air on the go and my big ol' desktop PC for work or chilling at home. I come across interesting reads on all three devices, and with Arc Sync, I can just pin them as tabs and access them wherever I am, no matter the device.

It might sound a bit crazy to care so much about a browser, but after going through the multi-OS journey, I’ve really come to appreciate having my tabs synced up. Arc is the only browser that truly gets it right, unlike Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and the rest, which just show what’s on other devices without the real sync magic.

It all started just like Dropbox - wanting a folder that syncs across devices. Now, I want a browser that does the same. It’s mind-blowing to think that no one thought of this before Arc.

My own Ian Knot (yes – I’m the inventor) is the World’s Fastest Shoelace Knot. Source.

What. I’m gonna do it from now on!

Fucked up my home setup today but thanks to home assistant unfucking was pretty easy. Also - the only things that are missing from HA are thermostats (Eve Thermo is not really playing nice with HA), Nanoleaf Essential bulb (I hate it, can’t wait to change it to something more HA friendly) and my set of cameras. But I don’t think there’s a way to have cameras in HomeKit security camera whatever and home assistant.

I’m gonna change this Nanoleaf one day but changing thermostats is going to be pain in the ass especially because they do work great and finding something that will be as quiet (they are not really quiet but quiet enough) and work nicely with HA is a couple hundred $ and I’m not really looking for a new place to spend money.

Love that these automatic updates are actually not happening automatically.

Added blogroll to my blog, not really done with it but at least it’s here.

🎵 Gone Like A Flower - Club Khru - ★★★★★

Simply because, if I could ever bring myself to break out of Apple’s walled garden, I would want to steer clear of anything similar. I wouldn’t want to just replace everything Apple with everything Google, for example. Source: https://chrishannah.me/micro/2024-04-26-00-30/

That’s why I’m trying to get out of this walled garden.