But I’m also an audio nerd who owns a handful of very nice headphones and earbuds. And sometimes I just want to plug in my USB-C dongle, lay on the couch, and truly sink into a new album. And it’s those moments where I’m inevitably disappointed with Spotify, because I know what I’m hearing isn’t the best it can be. I’m paying for an objectively inferior listening experience. Well, I was. A couple months ago, I got tired of waiting, so I let my longtime Spotify subscription lapse and purchased a year’s worth of Apple Music.

I’m using Spotify after a full year of Apple Music. I do have a set of pretty good headphones to listen to good quality music but Spotify recommendations are hard to beat. They’re just too good to pass on. I do romance with Apple Music still, though. On the other hand it has quality that’s just unavailable on Spotify and I hear it. 😤