After getting Arc Sync on Windows (with all the cool stuff like extensions and favorites), I’m totally hooked on Arc. It’s smooth sailing on my Mac and iOS, and not too shabby on Windows either.

No other browser syncs tabs, and as someone who switches between Mac and Windows, I need that to keep my sanity intact. I use my MacBook Air on the go and my big ol' desktop PC for work or chilling at home. I come across interesting reads on all three devices, and with Arc Sync, I can just pin them as tabs and access them wherever I am, no matter the device.

It might sound a bit crazy to care so much about a browser, but after going through the multi-OS journey, I’ve really come to appreciate having my tabs synced up. Arc is the only browser that truly gets it right, unlike Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and the rest, which just show what’s on other devices without the real sync magic.

It all started just like Dropbox - wanting a folder that syncs across devices. Now, I want a browser that does the same. It’s mind-blowing to think that no one thought of this before Arc.