Safe travels.

Wifey made a cake yesterday for Easter. She’s crazy, it is very good.

A couple months ago an Asian Market place opened in the neighbourhood and they serve THE BEST Asian food I had in a while. Menu is small - mostly pho and bahn mi but whatever you get you’ll be surprised how good it is.

I need more photographers in my feed, like - really good ones to get better with my pics. Do you have anything that you look at frequently? I don’t care about the genre, I need good photography.

I hope Pixel 8a has a good battery.

Thinking about moving from Obsidian to Evernote because Evernote has better UI and works better on Android (without Obsidian Sync, and if I have to pay I can pay for Evernote as well as for Obsidian). Why shouldn’t I do it?

The very thing that makes the Fediverse special—the ability to seamlessly cross a platform boundary and talk with one another—relies on striving to keep things as open as possible. An open network fulfills the promise of an open internet. Open is good. Open lets ideas flow, it lets people share cat pics and express love for one another, and it helps us to learn. Meta may be awful, but the Fediverse is neither for nor about them—it’s about empowering our friends and families to connect even if we’re using different software or services. Source: Neatnik Notes · A Fediverse, if you can keep it

Clap emoji, clap emoji, clap emoji. That’s why ISN’T blocking anything. You can block threads if you want to, but the server itself isn’t blocking Threads.

I wish I started doing my smart-home in Home Assistant. It’s now just a pain in the ass and lot’s of money to dig out of this Apple-only hole.


The local government campaign is already underway.

I love that Threads are federating. Ability to read people and not use Threads is great. I can read people who have no idea what mastodon is - on mastodon!

Exclusive: Google Pixel 8a boasts 120Hz display, Tensor G3, DisplayPort output, better availability

Just release it already, I can’t wait for it. I know what I said about renting out a phone being cheaper but if this is going to be as cheap as I think it is and will have this long support (like 7 years or whatever) I might just get this to have Pixel with long support - even if I want to change it later for either an iPhone or just different android phone. If this would cost 1,5k PLN (about $375) and would be available from Google in Poland officially - I’m gonna just impulse buy it immediately after it’s available.

I went for a walk.

Arc added Sidebar Sync to their app. Finally it’s usable on Windows! Moved from Brave to Arc. I can use it on all of my devices now!

Seems like our online Ikea shopping spree was a success! Not only is the new mattress GREAT, but - by mistake! - we ended up buying not 4 small towels, but 4 sets of 4 small towels (I even intended to get 7 and overlooked that it’s a multipack). Awesome!

Two minutes to read it is still longer than my AI superpowers.

Google Gemini Advanced offers 2TB storage for ~$25/month (like ChatGPT Plus). Tempting, but currently it’s browser-only in Poland - no mobile app yet. Meh, I wish they added mobile app in Poland - I’d actually think about using it instead of ChatGPT then.

Thank God it’s Saturday.

It feels nice to sit on the couch and watch Game Knights Live after a long day of work.

Found out that I can subscribe to having an iPhone (or Android phone) for a year for about $45 per month. And then after 12 months I’m either buying it cheaper, giving it back or exchanging it for a newer model. It’s actually interesting idea, paying $45 per month just to have the newest phone without actually the hassle of buying one every year and selling too. I’m debating with myself if this is something I would like to experience but it doesn’t seem dumb.

I was really close to pulling on the trigger and getting an Android phone but I think I want to see what Google does with Pixel 8a and if Nothing comes up with Phone 3. S24 makes the most sense right now but I think I could spend less and get something as nice.

📺 The Dropout (2022) - ★★★★☆

That’s scary.

The Dropout poster

Mountainhead from Everything Everything is beautiful. Very sad and painful but beautiful. Can’t stop listening to it.

I want to witness a big move from iOS to Android. I’m here for it, who’s gonna do it first? What phones people will be getting?

At this point I don’t even rememberer last time I was on Instagram.